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Eleven Waters, an Upstate inspired eatery located in downtown Syracuse, proudly crafts unique local flavors in a modern but rustic bistro setting. Enjoy a thoughtful breakfast in the morning sun, a street side lunch on our picturesque patio, or pair a Fine wine with dinner before a show. 

Featuring a bar carved into the hotel’s historic barber shop, our cocktail menu includes New York spirits such as 1911 Vodka from Lafayette, NY and Beanball Bourbon from Cooperstown, NY. Cocktails themed with a playful nod to a bygone era when the Art of the Mix was a true treat.  Let the throwback style bartending evoke memories of a time when there was a barber shop on every corner, and a speakeasy in the basement. 

In addition to hand-crafted cocktails, enjoy some of the best local craft beer from local brewing companies like Empire Brewing, Ithaca Beer Company, and Middle Ages.

Every entrée on the Eleven Waters menu will pay homage to a bonafide Upstate New York dining experience like no other. 

The story doesn’t end there. Our private dining room welcomes private parties for the holidays or special occasions to dine accompanied by our one of a kind antique wine cabinet feature. The now famous cabinet was uncovered during the restoration project and painstakingly restored board by board by Harden Furniture (McConnellsville, NY). Dining alongside this massive, historic cabinet is a wonderful way to celebrate the fine craftsmanship that can be found all across our great state.

Stop by and enjoy the local flavors at the flagship restaurant of the Syracuse Cultural District. 

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